How Your Air Conditioning System Can Last Longer?

Without no air conditioner, it’d be difficult to survive in summer hot temperature. It’s important to keep your air conditioning Melbourne round-the-clock maintained. Before summer arrives It’s better to prepare your air-conditioner to get it ready for an increased workload. If You find it difficult doing it on your own then it’s good to hire an air conditioning service for a quality of work done.

Air Conditioning System

Air Conditioning System

Some Tips To Make Your Air-conditioner Last Longer


  • Before starting the air conditioner, check it’s component properly for a smooth flow.
  • Check all the fins properly and gently.
  • If you spot any wiring problem call professionals.

Clean The Dirt and Dust

  • Regular cleaning of the outside parts of the air-conditioner is necessary.
  • Wash using your garden hose and splash water thoroughly.
  • The condenser needs fresh air around it, so make sure to have at least 2 feet gap between the fan the object.

Changing Of The Filters

  • The performance of the air conditioner gets reduced by 20% if the filter of your air conditioner cooling system has choked with dust and debris.
  • The speed of the fans also gets reduced.
  • which results in slow cooling and more energy consumption.
  • Make sure every month the air filters should be needed to be cleaned or changed.
Air Conditioner Repair

Air Conditioner Repair

Why Is Air Conditioner Maintenance So Important

Regular maintenance of your air conditioning Melbourne can maximize the life of your air conditioner and increase the performance of your cooling system. You can save your time and you’ll save money on your electric bills. Without the regular care of your Cooling systems, it can lose its ability to keep you cool and run smoothly. Keep in mind to clean properly the condenser because when the condenser coil gets dirty and dusted it causes problems like in the performance and can damage other parts of the system as well as can be more harmful to your health and hygiene environment.

Leave It On Professionals

VIP Plumbing Services Melbourne is the best professional air conditioner cooling service provider. We have varieties of services including air conditioner repairing, cooling air conditioner service. Book your booking today if you want a complete air conditioning cooling solution at affordable and good prices. Our air conditioning repair works day and night to make sure that our client sleeps peacefully in cool temperature in summers and enjoy a quality of service.

Professional Air Conditioning Services

Professional Air Conditioning Services