Dishwasher Repair Service

Highly recommended for kitchen plumbing. I am very happy with the service you have provided to me at reasonable rate. Thank you!!!
- Jordaina Willium

Value for Money

I would like to say that the service provided by VIP plumbing was worth the money. The technicians were polite, helpful and very friendly.
- Max

Best Plumbing Service

When it comes to plumbing service i have one trusted name VIP Plumbing. Reason is my past experience and quality service provided by them.
- Hariswillam

Quality and Quick Service

With VIP plumbing, my experience says that they provide an inexpensive and timely service. Which is best part for any service providing company. I would like to thanks to them for giving me a high quality repair work for my hydronic heating system.
- Radin Maltin

Fast and friendly service

I call VIP Plumbers for replacement of my Hydronic Heating System. They arrived on given time on same-day of booking. And I liked Vip Plumbers' service.
- jonibeasto_RVI

Awesome Heating Installation Service

I would like to give you a 5 star rating for your best service.✌️ ✌️ ✌️ ✌️ ✌️
- swifttaylor

Old Aircon Replacement Service

My old air conditioning system used to sound horrible. Yesterday I talked to VIP Plumbers and I got my old system replaced with new air conditioning system at good and cheaper quota. Thank you!!!!
- Adam Harris

Outstanding Service

Without a doubt I highly recommend VIP plumbers, Because VIP Plumbers has served me very well before for my air conditioning.
- Isahamis

Best Aircon Service

My air conditioning had deteriorated in the past, I called the VIP plumber and my experience was very good with him in terms of getting quality repair and service.
- Andycare

Expert Of Refrigerated Cooling System Repair

Vip Plumbing Services Melbourne have got the team of experts. I recently hired them for refrigerated cooling system repair and they did an amazing job. They came on the very same day and provided me cost-effective service. They stood up to my expectation. I would always choose Vip Plumbing Services Melbourne for all my refrigerated cooling system repair needs.
- Lliams

Highly Recommended

I highly recommend Plumbing master to everyone in Melbourne who is looking for the best Refrigerated cooling system repair service provider. They have an expert and efficient team who does all kinds of refrigerated cooling repair work in a professional way. I am so impressed by their service and would definitely like recommend them to all my near and dear ones.
- Ammy

Quality Service

No doubt VIP Plumbing Services Melbourne provide quality evaporative cooling repair service in Melbourne. I have tried out many other other companies but no company was able to give such quality service as VIP Plumbing Services Melbourne did. They are no.1. I am definitely calling them again whenever my evaporative cooling system needs to be repaired. Thank you so much guys.
- Casey

Flawless Service

VIP Plumbing Services Melbourne have licensed team who handles the evaporative cooling repair task flawlessly. I found them very helpful. The best thing is they give warranty of services they provide. The price they charge is also very nominal. I have received great service and would definitely use them again if needed. Thank you, VIP Plumbing Services Melbourne Team.
- Hanna

Completely Satisfied

Wondering where you will get the best services for repairing your air conditioning system? Believe me guys VIP Plumbers are the best. I called them to have my split system repaired and serviced, last week. These guys are amazing, skilled, and efficient. They cleaned my cleaned and repaired my split system on the very same day of booking at a very reasonable price. I am completely satisfied with their services and recommend them to everyone.
- Ben Grace

Awesome Cooling Systems Service

Hiring a professional for regular check up of your commercial-cooling-systems twice in a year is advisable. This is required for keeping your device in a good condition for a longer and better life. Booking a professional service also avoid the future serious breakdown of your machine. I find Vip Plumbing Services Melbourne is the best one for my requirement. I am satisfied with their work. They are not very expensive also.
- Piper

Split Unit Repairs Service of my choice

You can rely on Vip Plumbing Services Melbourne with closed eyes. They are cost effective. I like their services. My split Air Condition was making loud noise which cause me discomfort to my night's sleep. Vip fixed it in the same day. I like the team. Trust me and go for the service if you want to keep your AC in a good condition for a longer and better life.
- Sarah

World Best Refrigerator Service

Vip Plumbing Services Melbourne caters to all the suburb in Australia. You should go for a regular professional help at least twice a year for the longer and better life of your device. So I booked Vip Services for my refrigerator service. They have a good team of skilled professional to fix all your cooling system issues. Thank you Vips for your needful help. I like the team. I would love to recommend them to everyone.
- Audrey

Good Evaporative Cooling Service

According to the professional advice, you should go for regular professional services for the proper maintenance of your evaporative cooling system. I booked Vip Plumbing Services Melbourne last month for my home AC. Vips amazed me with their awesome services. I am just impressed guys.They are cost effective as well. Thank you so much Vip team. Keep up doing good work. I would like you to recommend all my friends.
- Willow

The Best Service for my Air Condition

You should go for regular professional services for your heating and cooling system. The age-old dirt and dart can block the airflow resulting premature breakdown of the machine. You should check the filter of the device in regular interval. I found Vip Plumbing Services Melbourne is the best service provider for all your Air Condition need. They are not pricey as well. I like their service. I would love to recommend them to all my friends.
- Ivy


VIP plumbing services are the best service provider to identify all problems with your SPLIT AC units. They are providing services to all the suburb in Melbourne. Do not let any of your Duct related problem remain unnoticed which could grow into larger and bigger more expensive issues for a future date. I got my duct cleaned from VIP plumbing services. I am quite satisfied with their services. Keep up good work guys.
- Daniel

The Best Refrigerator Service

It is significant to clean the refrigerator and keep the unit in a good condition. Through following all the instructions of VIP plumbing services Melbourne you can get the most of your refrigerator system. They are a good service provider. It is suggestible to go for a profession service, twice a year to keep your refrigerator system in a good condition for a longer and better life. I Like their services. I would definitely recommend you to all my friends.
- Levi

The Air Condition Cleaning Service

Everybody should check and get their Air Condition system serviced twice a year. You can trust VIP Plumbing Services Melbourne for your Air Condition unit maintenance. However, it significantly reduces the likelihood other small issues concerning with the usage of the air conditioning system. VIP is providing services to all the suburb in Melbourne. They are cost effective. Hiring The professional help for cleaning up your duct will save you from future serious breakdown of the machine.
- Harry

Best for my Cooling Unit

I feel it is better to take the help of qualified technician for Duct Cleaning services. Vip Plumbing Services Melbourne are the best service provider to identify all problems with your cooling units. Do not let any of your Duct related problem remain unnoticed which could grow into larger and bigger more expensive issues for a future date. Hire Vip Plumbing Services for the best outcome. I like their services very much.
- Oscar

Recommend Plumbing Services Melbourne Team

I had a great experience with VIP Plumbing Services Melbourne Team. I was looking for heating and cooling, and I was very confused. I called a few companies; they didn't even return my call. VIP Plumbing Services Melbourne returned my call within few minutes, sent a sales guy next day. This guy was very helpful, and caring giving me a free upgrade to a special looking return air grille, installation was great, very happy.
- Tyler


Before the winter we decided to change the heating unit. They promptly send someone over to give us a quote. VIP Plumbing Services Melbourne team was very honest, explained in detail and recommends something suitable for us. The guys came and installed in very specialized way. Even after installation I had a tiny query about the unit; they even send someone over just to help me solve the problem. They care about people's review which means they care about their business and how their guys perform. We will recommend to anyone who is looking for a Heating Systems
- Charlie

Outstanding Heating and Cooling Plumbing Services

This testimonial is from a very old customer of VIP Plumbing Services – I, who has been using your services for more than 9 years now. I have always found your plumbing company to be very responsive to my needs and have always given immediate assistance whenever serious events took place. At every stage, right from lodging a request for assistance, asking for a quote, work performance, and final invoicing I have found VIP Plumbing Services to be highly professional and thorough. The quality of workmanship delivered by this company is beyond comparison. I have no hesitation in recommending VIP Plumbing Services Melbourne based on the consistently high levels of support, service, and results that I have experienced from them ALWAYS.
- Brent Chesworth

Urgent but Effective Plumbing Services in Melbourne

Your services were needed urgently yesterday and I am glad to say that you did not disappoint. You not just provided a fine installation of the air conditioning system at my home but also left my place tidy. Thank you very much and we have made sure to keep your card in a safe place.
- Jakey Whitson

Cost-Effective Plumbing Solutions

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you to the whole team of VIP Plumbing Services Melbourne for the quick and efficient manner in which they completed our plumbing requirements a week ago. Your assistance is greatly appreciated and we would surely suggest your services to others.
- Daniel Oakley

Innovative Plumbing Solutions in Melbourne

After arranging three visits from different plumbers I called VIP Plumbing Services Melbourne. I was fed up with the kind of ideas, service, and customer attention I was given by other plumbers but your fresh ideas were overlooked by others Thank you for making our sewer problems look so tiny against your vast experience and ample knowledge.
- Irene Gregory

Hot Water System Replacement

I would like to extend a big thank you to the team of VIP Plumbing Services Melbourne for a prompt plumbing service when our hot water system required replacing. Being a weekend we were concerned but you guys made it possible and we saved our weekend!
- Jordan Fanto