Can We Use AC When Water is Leaking?

Have you observed a substantial amount of water inside or outside your house without any obvious reason? It is understandable to get nervous when you see something that is not normal. Your mind begins to branch into weird directions, and in no time, the panic sets in.

The most probable reason for this water puddle is your air conditioner leaking water. If you are thinking – can we use ac when water is leaking? Yes, you can for the night. But, it is better to call in the professionals the very next day.

Water Leak from the Air Conditioner
Water Leak from the Air Conditioner

Why Does the Water Leak from the Air Conditioner?

It is quite natural to be confused about the prospect of water leakage as the AC does not use water for functioning. Now, you may ponder on the whys and hows of the water leakage. The water that you see is actually due to humidity in the room.

Due to the refrigerant absorbing the heat in the room, the warm air passes via the evaporator coil. Then, the coil becomes cold to allow the process of dehumidification. As a result, the water vapor remains in the coil. And with the aid of the condensate system exits from the ac.

Causes of Water Leakage and the Solutions

Are you still wondering – can we use ac when water is leaking? Take a look at some of the causes to know more.

Split Drain Pan

Leaks in the drain pan, as well as the pipe, may very well be the reason for the water leakage. Turn off the AC before you inspect anything. Now, look for any cracks in the pan. In case it is overflowing with water, use a reputed wet-dry vacuum.

However, if the drain pan is split, then you can fix it with a water sealant. This is, at best, a temporary solution. The more viable option is to replace it. For that, you will need the assistance of experts.

Blocked Air Filter

The air filter is an essential component of the air conditioner. It filters the dust particles and only allows clean air into the room. As such, it is quite normal for the air filter to get clogged. It could eventually lead to the freezing of the evaporator coils.

And, that is highly likely to cause water spoilage. Now, if you are thinking – can we use ac when water is leaking? Yes, you can, but you need to clean the vents. You may also have to replace the air filter. However, to have some inner peace, take the suggestion of a professional.

Blockage in the Drain Line

Due to the accumulation of algae, dust particles, etc., there can be clogs in the condensate drain line. It is vital to keep the drain line clean. Now, you can try to do it yourself, but only if you have the required tools. You will need vinegar for this.

Firstly, locate the pipe close to the drain pan of the air handler. Then, you have to pour vinegar down it. In most cases, the clog will disappear. But, if it doesn’t, you will have to use the wet-dry vacuum. Instead of thinking – can we use ac when water is leaking? It is better to call the professionals.

Still, Leaking Water from the Air Conditioner? Contact the Experts

It is not wrong to wonder – can we use ac when water is leaking? The right answer depends on the severity of the situation. In most cases, it is not outright dangerous. But, if you fail to get it fixed, then it can pose some major issues. Now, you may want to try some of the DIY methods, but the better option is to call the professionals.

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