Summer is coming, Get Your Air-Conditioner Coming

While summer isn’t properly arrived yet, some of us have turned on our air-conditioner. If there was no air conditioner, then it’d be difficult to survive the hot temperature. If you want a peaceful summer then you need to keep your air conditioner round-the-clock.

Before summer make sure that your air conditioning system is working.  It’s better to prepare your air-conditioner before summer hits, get it ready for an increased workload.

Follow these simple steps to ready your air conditioning system before summer.

These simple methods would provide you with information regarding air conditioning maintenance. You can follow these steps in order to prepare your air conditioner, these methods are effective and you can easily apply it.

Do an inspection.

It’s better to maintain the air conditioner and check it’s component before starting using the air conditioner, any small fault can become big later. If you want that the air conditioner runs smoothly, keep a check on its components.
Before summer starts, call a professional technician. The technician will do an inspection of your air-conditioning system and clean it as well. This should be done right after the spring season when the technicians are not busy. Otherwise, calling the technician during the summer season results in a long waiting line. Also, the price of the services rises in the peak season.

Clear the dust.

The outside parts of the air-conditioner are also needed to be cleaned. The condenser inside the air conditioner needs an unobstructed flow of air around it. To wash it, you can use your garden hose and splash water on it thoroughly. The condenser needs fresh air around it, ensure that there is at least 2 feet of a gap between the fan the object. If a tree or shrub is obstructing the outdoor unit, it’s better to trim some of the branches.

Professional Air Conditioner Cooling Service

Professional Air Conditioner Cooling Service

Change the filters.

When the filter of your air conditioner cooling system has clogged with dust and debris the performance of air conditioner is reduced by 20%. Also, the fan speed is also reduced, which results in slow cooling and more energy consumption. The air filters are needed to be cleaned or changed every month.

Reach out to professionals.

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