How To Clean Vulcan Gas Wall Heater?

Today we will discuss and solve our user’s query about how to clean the Vulcan gas wall heater?

Vulcan Gas Wall Heater is a heating system device that is run with the help of electricity and the specified gas. When the power is switched on, it will generate heat and spread it in your space with the help of a fan fit inside it. In this way, it works as a Space Heater.

We all know that it is very necessary to keep anything neat and clean to maintain its efficiency and condition. The same applies to Vulcan Gas Wall Heater Australia. These gas wall heaters are the combination of many ducts, vents, and spare parts which are not easy to clean. That is why today we will discuss Gas Wall Heater Cleaning and related issues with Gas Wall Heaters.

How To Clean Vulcan Gas Wall Heater?
How To Clean Vulcan Gas Wall Heater

How To Clean A Natural Gas Wall Heater?

To clean a natural gas wall heater you need to plan well and act on that point because it is not as easy as cleaning carpets and mattresses. Here are the points on how you can clean your natural gas wall heater. 

  1. Before you start, switch off the connection from the main point and empty the gas filling tank. 
  2. The different parts of the gas wall heater are separable and you have to do the same. It simply means keep the ducts, vents and fan, thermostat and rests part of it separately. 
  3. You can start cleaning smaller parts first then the larger parts. 
  4. During cleaning, dust off all parts and then use the cleaning solution with the help of cloth on every part of it. 
  5. Especially, focus on the fan blades and ducts through which air passes because dust particles are mostly embedded there only. 
  6. Do not pour water inside it, you have to clean and sweep every inch of the gas wall heater outer and inner surface carefully. 

Do Gas Wall Heaters Use Electricity?

We know it is a gas wall heater but you require electrical connection to start it. The Gas Wall Heaters are connected to the main point of power supply and it also requires earthing. You should also know that if the power supply is interrupted then it will stop its function though the light knob will keep on burning. The system will restart automatically once the power gets restored. Due to its electrical connections and heating capacity, we advise you to keep away the items that are easy to catch fire and cause electrical circuit failure.

How Do You Remove A Vulcan Gas Wall Heater?

To remove a Vulcan gas wall heater, you have to switch off or disconnect from the main power circuit. You should also check that there is no gas left in it. Then, you can remove the upper body of it which has a thermostat and the hot air blowing fan. After this, you can remove the lower body which is fixed with the wall, and acts as a support to the other parts of the gas wall heater. In this way, you can safely remove it and place it wherever you want. Keep an eye on the wires connected to while displacing it to the other place.

One simple way is to call the professionals for Gas Wall Heater Removal and remain out of damage risk during the process.

How Do You Remove A Vulcan Gas Wall Heater
How Do You Remove A Vulcan Gas Wall Heater?

Related Issues You Can Face With Wall Heaters:

Now, we are going to discuss the issue of repair you can face with gas wall heaters. They are:

Gas Wall Heater Fan Not Working:

One common problem which occurs in a gas wall heater is that the fan stops working. This may be due to dirt particles inside it and requires cleaning or some defects can also be there. You can get the help of the Heater Repair Service providers to get rid of this problem. 

Gas Wall Heater Making High Pitched Noise:

Sometimes you may have to face high pitched noise coming out from the gas wall heater. It may be due to some defects in the fan, vents, or internal parts.  You can get it checked with the help of professional technicians and it is safe. The sound can be an indication of some major defects in the system too. For Gas Wall Heater Troubleshooting, you should call a professional because it is not safe for you to do the same. 


Through this, you came to know the process of Gas Wall Heater Cleaning and two common repair issues which occur in a Space Heater. And, cleaning is necessary to maintain efficiency and condition of the complete heating system. Also, it is very clear that it is a better choice to beat the winters and chilling cold. 

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