7 Doubts About Air Conditioner Not Dripping Water

What is Air Conditioning Dripping Water Means?

Your AC operates hard while it’s steamy to extract water vapor from the air-so where will all the water vapor go? On the evaporator chain, moisture in the air is squeezed, beads up – much as the drips on the rim of a cold beer bottle, and the precipitate is stored in a saucepan. The tape is drained or squeezed out through gravity into a narrow PVC pipe named the “condensate line” or “condensate drain”. If the condensate pan includes standing water, the drain line is possibly clogged it all means that your water is not dripping out which is necessary for the long-term life of the AC and for having its good service in the premises. So let’s know why your Air Conditioner Not Dripping Water?

So, Today We Will Answer Everything on What If Ac is Not Releasing Water?

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Our experts have given the top 7 reasons for your air conditioning system based on their research and experience. But still, our advice is that if you have a major problem, then you can take Split Air Conditioning Services from experts like VIP Plumbing Services Melbourne.

Why Should The Air Conditioner Keep dropping the Water?

The condensate line will flow to the ground, so you will see lots of water dripping from it during hot conditions. If it doesn’t flow it doesn’t wash! When the drain pan holds standing water, the condensate drain can get clogged! Of course, clogging is a big reason to worry. You need to give some attention to its maintenance to prevent big problems or issues.

Dripping Water from Air Conditioner
Dripping Water from Air Conditioner

Do Air Conditioner Not Dripping Water Due To Clogged Drain a Problem?

It will cause deterioration of metal sections of your ductwork and HVAC equipment and hundreds of dollars worth of harm to the drywall, carpentry, and flooring when your condensate pan overflows. A partly blocked, improperly drained condensate line will undermine the efficacy of your otherwise highly productive air conditioning equipment and trigger musty odors from the development of bacteria, algae, and molds. A little clog will cause a big issue in your condensate drain! When the condensate line is totally blocked, you can see distressing signs of water leakage in your home that can be hard to discern from plumbing or roof leakage, particularly during the monsoon season.

Why The Drain Get Clogged?

When the condenser coils are rusty (and inevitably become filthy dirty without maintenance), the condensate can bring soil, pet fur, and contaminants through the condensate tube, which may lead it to get encrusted or even entirely obstructed. Algae, especially during the warm moist season, will consider this medium extremely cozy and develop in chunks that can easily block the drain.

How Could Be Identified The Clogged Drain in The Air Conditioner?

First of all, we can say if your air conditioner is not giving sufficient cooling then it is the biggest reason that there is some issue about its presence and maintenance. No cooling may be the first indication of a backed-up condensate pipe since certain systems have a safety switch overflow that literally cuts off the power until the pan overflows and destroys your house. Whether you have this useful protection option on your device, your support tech will notify you, so you can add one pronto if it doesn’t.

AC Water Dripping Issue
Solve Your AC Water Dripping Issue

What If The Air Conditioner Dropping The Water Anywhere Else?

Look for a water that falls from cabinet bottom or exhaust fans. If you find any water stains or harm to the walls, carpets or furnishings close to the AC, act now. After installing an AC device over a furnace you can see rust growing on the furnace below it. Know that water and electricity will not match! When in question, contact the expert.

How Often The Condensate Line Needs To Be Checked To Prevent Air Conditioner Issues?

Monthly monitor the condensate drain throughout the cooling season to ensure proper drying of the collected moisture. A condensate drain that is blocked will cost you a lot to restore water damage to your home– and it’s completely avoidable!


When it comes to expensive air conditioners maintenance then one needs to be aware of the damage of it. If you take some steps and make yourself aware of some issues then you can prevent yourself from big damage and can save an amount of money.  Find the condensate drain outlet that could be situated next to the base outside your building. Wet / dry vacuum suction will also clear out the clogged drain. You should even start using a plumber’s snake to clear the clog. You can seek to find the entry point on the drain line which may be a PVC protected T-shaped vent. Remove the mask, then check the debris drain.

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