Air Conditioner Making Buzzing Noise How to Fit It?

Reasons Why Air Conditioner Making Buzzing Noise?

Air Conditioner Making Buzzing Noise – Air Conditioners are the boon in hot humid summers, its cool air takes away all the pain and sweat but there can be chances when you will notice loud creaking or buzzing sound from your air conditioner.

If your Air Conditioner is creating a loud buzzing noise, then your air conditioner is facing the following issues:

  • Any kind of electrical issue
  • Loose parts
  • Broken isolation feet

Now we will talk about these issues in a more detailed way, so you can understand why your AC is making noise and how to fix it.

Air Conditioner Making Buzzing Noise
Air Conditioner Making Buzzing Noise

Issue No. 1 –  Electrical Issue

If your AC is making a loud noise, then most probably there is an electrical issue with your AC. There are times when an electrical current switches its proposed path and jumps between circuitry, this occurrence is known as electrical arcing. 

The Reason for Air Conditioning Buzzing Noise Could Also Be The Result of The Following:

  1. Unattached wiring
  2. Deteriorating or damaged condenser fan motor
  3. Broken compressor
  4. Contactor convey switch (switch in the outdoor unit)
  5. Bad capacitor

These issues are generally the result of wear and tear over time. Call professionals never ignore the buzzing air conditioner.

Solution – If you think there is an electrical issue, you should turn off your Air Conditioner and call out our experienced Air Conditioning Repair team. If you will continue to run your AC with this buzzing sound then it can cause long-term damage which will lead to an expensive repair.

Air Conditioner Making Buzzing Noise

Issue No. 2 –  Loose Parts

In the long run, parts of your Air Conditioner units may become loose and may start to shake around when you switch it on. 

Solution – You need to call our experts for help. They will be able to quickly diagnose which parts are loose and need to be repaired.

Issue No. 3 –  Broken Isolation Feet

The compressor in your air conditioner is the “heart” of your AC. It is placed in the outdoor unit of the Air Conditioner and its job is to pump refrigerant in and shift heat out of your home. The outside unit of your air conditioner has a compressor which is held up by “isolation feet,” it is a rubber base that holds the compressor in place.

After several years of use, your Split AC system begins to age, and its “feet” can break down, this makes your compressor to become unbalanced. In case your compressor is loose in the outside unit, it can create a vibration or buzzing sound whenever you switch on your AC.

Solution – Get in touch with an expert. They will surely be able to tell if your compressor has worn out or your isolation feet needs to be replaced.

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