Air Conditioning Melbourne

Melbourne’s Best Air Conditioning Service Provider

If you live in Melbourne and you have any problem related to air conditioning service then you can remember VIP plumbers for professional Air Conditioning Melbourne  We provide same day Residential and Commercial AC installations and Repairs Services in Melbourne. Call 1300 912 255.

Air Conditioning Services are required in all sectors, whether it’s a residential sector or commercial area. It gets pretty difficult for users to choose and acquire the right air conditioning service provider. Are you also looking for professional, reliable and skilled air conditioning service providers? We understand that leaky ducts can be expensive and can cause big problems later on. To avoid any kind of air conditioning issue, VIP Plumbing Services Melbourne offers skilled expertise to cater and handle all types and size of air conditioning services in Melbourne.

Air Conditioning Melbourne
Air Conditioning Melbourne

Window & Thru-The-Wall Air Conditioners Installations

We are a one-stop solution for all of your air conditioning concerns and requirements. We offer air conditioning installation services in almost all regions of Melbourne. To add in our expertise, we also offer full repairing and maintenance services with the replacement of products and parts of all leading brands of air conditioning. It is important to keep the ducts and pipes of your ACs and splits cleanly for better cooling and performance. Efficient and properly working Air Conditioners will keep your home’s air clean and keep you and your family healthy as well.

Split Air Conditioner System Services in Melbourne

Split Air Conditioner Systems are installed to keep the hot and cold air separated and maintain a regular temperature inside the place. We at VIP plumbing services Melbourne provides the service for the Split System installation, repair and maintenance at your place. With several teams of highly qualified and skilled technicians, we can help you the best with our service. With our effective and successful services, we have been useful to a lot of customers with requirements of Split Air Conditioner System Services in Melbourne. Thus you can rely on our technicians for this service.

Upright Installation For Evaporative Cooling Melbourne

To keep your evaporative coolers running efficiently you have to get them installed properly. We provide technicians with skills and experience in the evaporative coolers installation services. Whether your need is for Evaporative Cooling Melbourne or other cooling systems, we can serve you with the best services in all conditions. With our safe and easy installation method, we have been useful to a lot of customers. We have the availability of the best tools and equipment for the installation service. Our services are meant for the installation at residential as well as commercial premises. Our technicians can safely install all brands of the evaporative coolers at your place. Thus you can rely on us for the upright installation of evaporative coolers.

Air Conditioning Repair Service

Air Conditioning AC Repairs Melbourne
Air Conditioning Repairs Melbourne

All our plumbers are certified and trained in dealing with all sorts of small and large air conditioning projects. Our company is ISO certified and thus provide only high-quality services and insist on using only high quality branded air conditioner’s products and parts. We, at VIP Plumbing Services Melbourne, provide a complete range of air conditioning services including installation, repair and maintenance. To provide only high-quality services, we only hire an expert and experienced technicians who are trained in handling all air conditioning brands. Our company is in business for years and is one of the leading air conditioning service providers in Melbourne. Our company has a legal license to operate and resolve all sorts of air conditioning concerns whether it’s related to fixation of an existing air conditioner or installation of a new split system.

We use high-quality equipment for air conditioning repairing and maintenance. VIP Plumbing Services Melbourne uses only technologically advanced top quality air conditioning brands while replacing parts. We use tested and ISO acclaimed services to ensure that only advanced technology is used to provide safe and reliable air conditioning plumbing services to our customers. Some of our major services include:

  • Affordable Residential and Commercial AC Solutions
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction
  • Upright Installation of all types of Air Conditioners
  • Repairing of Split ACs
  • Replacement of Cooling System parts

Air Conditioning Services Melbourne

Air Conditioning Services Melbourne
Air Conditioning Services Melbourne

Air Conditioning Brands we have treated at VIP Plumbing Services Melbourne

We have handled split systems and air conditioner of all top brands, some major brands include:

  • Brivis
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Airwell
  • apac
  • ActionAir
  • Bonaire

To get your free price quotes call us now on 1300 912 255. We will give you the best advice and available solutions for your queries.

Preventive Air Conditioning Maintenance Service

The professionals of our team are highly experienced and expert, who know the best ways to restore your ac units. They have got proper training and advanced skills, that help the customers, and resolve their problem at relatively affordable prices.  Equip with the best tools, our technicians analyse the glitches and work to repair them.

Why Choose VIP Plumbers for Air Conditioning Melbourne?

VIP Plumbing services are known to provide its customers with various ac installation, ac repair and ac servicing services.

  • We have the staff of certified plumbers who excel n the field of air conditioning systems.
  • We boast an experience of more than 20 years that is a feat in itself.
  • Our plumbers will reach your doorstep on the type and provide you with any kind of ac related service we need.
  • We take our customers seriously and offer 100% customer satisfaction. By utilizing the latest equipment and tools.

Call us today and get the benefits of VIP cleaning services today at affordable costs. We promise to deliver our services within the same day of hiring.

The Best Service for my Air Condition

You should go for regular professional services for your heating and cooling system. The age-old dirt and dart can block the airflow resulting premature breakdown of the machine. You should check the filter of the device in regular interval. I found Vip Plumbing Services Melbourne is the best service provider for all your Air Condition need. They are not pricey as well. I like their service. I would love to recommend them to all my friends.
- Ivy

The Air Condition Cleaning Service

Everybody should check and get their Air Condition system serviced twice a year. You can trust VIP Plumbing Services Melbourne for your Air Condition unit maintenance. However, it significantly reduces the likelihood other small issues concerning with the usage of the air conditioning system. VIP is providing services to all the suburb in Melbourne. They are cost effective. Hiring The professional help for cleaning up your duct will save you from future serious breakdown of the machine.
- Harry

Location: Melbourne, VIC, Australia

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