Heater Repair Melbourne

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Are you looking for best heater repair services in Melbourne city?

VIP Plumbing Services Melbourne is an answer to your search.

Heaters need to be properly looked upon before and after their installations. Running a heater for a longer period of time without servicing or repairing it creates an unsafe environment; it starts to emit carbon monoxide fumes that are dangerous to your family.

Heater Repair Melbourne
Heater Repair Melbourne

VIP Plumbing Services Melbourne is here to assist all your needs, whether you own an appliance or you are using it on rent or have just build your new home just make a call to VIP Plumbing Services Melbourne to get all your jobs done because:

  • Our experts are experienced and certified
  • All our services are guaranteed and insured
  • We are available 24×7 hours and also book your services as per your convenience
  • We are also available on weekends
  • Have a courteous and a friendly customer care team who provides help at every stage of service
  • Provide free written estimates for our services
  • Maintain transparency in our work
  • Also, we provide discounts and offers on our services
  • Your trust is our priority
  • Committed to making sure that you are happy and comfortable with our services

Signs That Your Heater Needs Repair

The expert technicians of VIP Plumbing Services Melbourne cater for all makes and models of appliances and also have access to all the spare parts from all the manufacturers.

Have you ever gone through the signs when and where your heater requires servicing? Come let’s make you aware of some such signs:

Expert Heater Repair Services Melbourne
Expert Heater Repair Services Melbourne
  • If the pilot light of your heating appliance goes out unexpectedly or pops up while lightning
  • Is there any discoloration on the walls of the heater panel?
  • Do you feel that the walls of the heater are very hot to touch while the heater is on?
  • Are there any soot stains in and around the heater?
  • The appliance gives an intense smell of burning when it is on
  • The heater shuts on or off itself and is not working properly

All of the above signs indicate that the heating unit of your house requires immediate servicing. VIP Plumbing Services Melbourne recommends servicing your heating units every two years to avoid any leakages and blockages.

Generally, the heating unit comes with a user manual. If you are not aware of servicing, then go through the manual and repair your heater accordingly.

We also offer a free maintenance program where we notify our customers about the due services of their heaters on an annual basis. For this, we also let you choose your own time slot.

Benefits of Heater Repair in Melbourne

Many of us do not know the benefits of heater repair Melbourne; come let us make you aware of some of them:

  • Reduced electricity bills: regular servicing ensures that your bills are cut down to a minimum as the system starts to work efficiently.
  • Prolonged lifespan: not only this, the life of the heater also increases and you do not have to replace it early.
  • Reduced repairs: during service, the experts also check the wear and tear of other parts and repairs it too, thus it is a type of preventive measure that prevents your money loss in future.
  • Enhanced safety: once we repair your heater, your heater gives a peak performance and reduces the chances of accidents.

Our Range of Heater Repair Services

Whether you need to get your heaters installed or serviced, no job is big or small for us. Our expert technicians are capable of handling all types of heaters. Have a look at the services that we offer:

Evaporative Cooling Repair Melbourne
Evaporative Cooling Repair Melbourne
  • Refrigerated cooling repair.
  • Evaporative Cooling repair.
  • Split system repair.
  • Hydronic Heating system repair.
  • Hot Water System repair.
  • Pilot Re-lights.
  • Heater Gas bayonets.
  • BBQ bayonets.
  • New Piping.
  • Gas leaks etc.

Other services that we deal with are:

  • Repair of leakages in pipes
  • Additionally, repair of leaking taps
  • Repair and replacement of toilets
  • Cleaning of drains
  • Installation of Dishwashers
  • Renovation of bathrooms, kitchens etc
  • Backflow prevention

Besides we also provide services for pool and spa heating units, also we supply, deliver, install service and repair the following pool equipment’s:

Refrigerated Cooling Repair Melbourne
Refrigerated Cooling Repair Melbourne
  • Chlorinators
  • Pumps
  • Filters
  • Lights
  • Robotic cleaners
  • Blowers
  • Controllers etc

We regularly service and repair all the heater brands so don’t worry our experts have experience working with your type of heater, just let us know the brand you have installed in your house and the problem you are facing we shall take out a solution to it.


Don’t leave this to chance, getting all the repairs and installation done by licensed experts ensures safety and also a piece of mind.

Call us today to get best Heater repair Melbourne!

Our Heater Repair Melbourne Process

VIP Plumbing Services Melbourne wants you to have a great experience when you call us so for this we have designed a step by step process so that you are aware of what is going on during the repair process. Have a look:

  • As you call us, we answer your phone call courteously and schedule an appointment as quickly as possible
  • After this, a confirmation e-mail is sent to you with technicians name along with his picture
  • On arriving, the technician will discuss the problem you are facing with the heater. After this, he will inspect the heater for the faults in it.
    Hot Water System Repair Melbourne
    Hot Water System Repair Melbourne
  • After the inspection, he will explain the problem clearly and review the best options for repairing your heater.
  • During the repair process, they look for faulty wires, interrupted wiring, thermostat condition, heat distributor, etc. If any part requires service or replacement, they do so with prior information.
  • Our experts also check for ducts for warm air dispersal and repair them.
  • After the repair process is over, they do a casual follow-up with you. They also post-inspect the heater for any remaining problems; if they come across any they do it again willingly.

We do more than we have promised so that you attain complete satisfaction for our services.

Call us soon and get your heaters repaired by VIP Plumbing today!

Location: Melbourne, VIC, Australia